Are Brochures Still Important?

With all the digital methods you can leverage to market your business today, is there still value in creating and distributing brochures? The answer is a resounding YES! While your internet site, social media pages, and other digital marketing channels are vital, a brochure stands the “test of time”, is a preferred choice for many[…]


Centralize your branding

During a hectic start-up or simply over a long period of time, for established businesses, the responsibility and control of your corporate image or branding becomes decentralized. This happens naturally but it is not always a good thing! An example might be that your sign guy makes an awesome sign at the same time your web[…]


What’s the right domain name?

Wow, there are so many domain name choices out there now – it’s a little mind boggling! Back in the early days of the Net, we could only choose between .com, .net, .org . names were supposed to be used for commercial purposes, names were intended for companies providing internet or computers services[…]


Just Say No to Gmail

Do you remember your first email address? I don’t remember my first email address for many reasons: it was 1992 my memory is not what it was it read something like, hardly memorable! Today, many email addresses end with , or thenameofyour . People use them because they are often free and[…]