Centralize your branding

brandingDuring a hectic start-up or simply over a long period of time, for established businesses, the responsibility and control of your corporate image or branding becomes decentralized. This happens naturally but it is not always a good thing!

An example might be that your sign guy makes an awesome sign at the same time your web guy makes a terrific website but they don’t get to talk to each other. Then you have a brochure printed for your new product and Jimmy, in sales, gets some golf shirts made.

Who is controlling which version of the logo is used and how it is used?
Who is ensuring the correct company colours are being used on the website, brochure, signage and golf shirts?

Individually, each of these vendors do great jobs but if your company doesn’t have someone controlling your imagery then No One is controlling it.

If you have a staff person with the knowledge and time to take on this task, then make it happen.

If you can’t have a staffer be the controller, then find a ad agency or design house to be your filter to make sure everything that has your company name on it looks great and is consistent.

This doesn’t have to be expensive – once all the design standards have been established then they are easy to apply to the next annual report, newspaper ad, sales sheet, product label … you get the idea.

Take control of your corporate image early and maintain a watchful eye on it so you always look great!

For more information on company branding, please contact Kent Tubman at kent@tubman.ca